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Pe'ahi "A Love Story" was filmed at Pe'ahi, Maui over the course of the 5-day January swell of 2014. Two pilots dared cast their DJI Phantom 2's and a DJI Flamewheel F550 from the towering cliffs of Pe'ahi. Crowds of spectators watched in awe as the two pilots donned goggles and flew over 500 yards out to the monster waves lovingly named "Jaws". Of the few drones that tried, three drones where known to have been lost, and a total of 5 or 6 actually attempted the onslaught. While the swell was up, the Hollywood remake of the blockbuster "Point Break" was filming, making not only the water treacherous but also the air. At least two helicopters at a time were in the airspace over the waves, making it very dicey for sure. "We are always conscience of the "real" helicopters" and give them a wide respectful zone of operation" said Justin of Aerial 808. Justin was one of the pilots that collaborated with on the video below. At the end of the day the surviving drones shot some amazing footage that for the very first time is available. Pe'ahi "A Love Story" shows the incredible beauty and raw awesomeness of nature.

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